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September 22, 2023


Thaden Community,

This week our students in Angela Linn’s Preserving the Harvest elective could be found gathering sweet potatoes in the Thaden garden. Digging gently into the fall earth and uncovering the amber bounty of a mid-summer planting is deeply satisfying – at once meditative and stirring – especially knowing that the fruit of this labor will grace the tables of our Community Farm Dinner next Saturday.


We dig for all forms of nourishment at Thaden. We dig for meaning, understanding, and inspiration in the depths of the humanities and sciences across our curriculum. We dig for connection to the past on historic land where our namesake once dreamed of flying. Even the design of our campus is “radical” or – in the 14th century meaning of that word – “rooted” in the architectural language of our region. And as we find our roots, so we find our wings: in Thoreau’s words, “heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads” (Walden, chapter 16).

Together we dig with reverence, curiosity, and anticipation.

Clayton K. Marsh
Founding Head of School