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The curriculum at Thaden gives equal emphasis to the sciences and the humanities, enabling our students to address complex questions with a variety of disciplinary lenses and skills. Our teachers also use a wide range of teaching methods – from seminar-style discussions to community-engaged projects – that enhance students’ versatility as problem solvers who can work independently and collaboratively. 

Our commitment to interdisciplinary problem solving also finds rich expression in our three signature programs — Meals, Reels, and Wheels — where students combine multiple fields of study and engage with community partners in ways that foster a strong sense of civic responsibility. Intensives and other forms of independent study as well as Community-Based Learning (CBL) courses provide further opportunities for students to form and investigate their own questions from many angles.   

Our academic program develops not only the cognitive abilities and skills that students need to make the most of a college education but also the social and emotional capacities essential to self-reliance, academic and professional success, and personal fulfillment.


It takes a village of folks to look at student needs from different perspectives. If we can identify and celebrate where students are succeeding, we can leverage those strengths to support student growth in a way that is most meaningful for them as individuals. Kayla Corcoran,Assistant Head of Middle School And History and social sciences faculty


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