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College Counseling

The process of selecting a college is a valuable personal exercise — one which affords students the opportunity to further develop their interests, identify their unique gifts and talents, and consider their individual preferences and goals. Thaden's college counselors facilitate this process of self-discovery, ensuring that every Thaden student is equipped to navigate the college application process with confidence, receiving ample individualized guidance along the way. Thaden students learn that the primary objective of a sound college search is to identify potential colleges that best fit their needs. Finding a good college match means they will be putting themselves in the best possible position to reap the most from their undergraduate experience. In order to answer with confidence the question of what colleges would be a good fit in terms of size, location, academic offerings, student makeup, and the like, it is first necessary for Thaden students to reflect on who they are. What are their strengths, their interests, their values, their talents, their accomplishments? Honest self-reflection allows students to put their needs front and center when evaluating potential college options. A well-curated application list is a product of considering the most appropriate — not the most prestigious — colleges for which one is competitive.

"Our college counselor, MR. Hooper, set me up with this program called Quest Bridge. It's for low income, high achieving scholars. I'm going to Pomona College, and I got a full ride. I'm so excited."Peter S., Class of '22

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Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams

Associate Director of College Counseling

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