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Middle School

At Thaden, we approach the middle school years as a time to nurture agile minds and hearts through play, discovery, compassion, and trust. Early adolescents have unique intellectual, social, and emotional needs as they navigate the critically important years between elementary and high school. Designed with a deep understanding of these needs, Thaden’s Middle School curriculum ignites students’ curiosity and passion for discovery while building the skills and habits they will need to thrive in our Upper School program. We also offer a broad range of co-curricular programs that help younger students build confidence and develop as leaders, artists, and community volunteers.

The Middle School curriculum provides a balanced foundation in the traditional disciplines: mathematics, science, social studies, English, world languages, and the arts. Students take an average of five core courses plus an elective each year. While emphasizing skills development, our faculty approach the teaching of their subjects in innovative and highly integrated ways that allow students to grapple with challenging questions well beyond the classroom walls. Middle School students also have the opportunity to integrate their studies across the disciplines through each of our three signature programs (Meals, Reels, and Wheels).

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