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Musical Arts

middle School Musical Arts

The Middle School Musical Arts program builds students' musical toolbox with music theory and techniques necessary for quality vocal and instrumental performance. Students explore rhythm intricacies, the diversity of digital music genres, instrumental application, and expand their vocal range through exercises. Together we discover the ways music serves as a universal language in and through the community. Discussion and application of personal expression through music develops as students prepare to become independent musicians. We encourage participation in after-school ensembles with community partners to further develop these concepts and skills.

Upper School Musical Arts

The Upper School Music program provides an opportunity for students to continue to develop their music fundamentals (rhythm, melody, harmony, timbre, form, texture, and dynamics) and vocal/instrumental techniques (sight-reading, breath support, and posture) with the goal of becoming independent musicians and strong musical leaders. Students also critique performances and reflect on connections to self and community, and to other disciplines, as well as the role music plays as a form of expression, social change, and community building. The Thaden Music program provides opportunities for solo, small-group, and large performances in our school and greater community as well as for regional and national honor ensemble performances. In addition, students have opportunities to develop their leadership skills as section leaders, music theory tutors, student music council members, and in other roles. Opportunities for participation may include studio classes, ensembles, digital music classes, musical theater classes, exploration of music therapy, and unique intensive offerings.
Upper School Electives
  • Beat Making Explorations in Sound Production
  • Introduction to Film Scoring and Foley
  • Myth in Music
  • Survey of Rock and Roll
  • Vocal Studio
  • Choral Ensemble
  • Vocal Styles in Musical Theater
  • Instrumental Studio
  • Jazz Studio
  • Modern Music Ensemble
  • Sound Affects

Musical Arts Faculty

Rocío Behler

Rocío Behler

Spanish Faculty, Musical Arts Faculty
Jon Merz

Jon Merz

Music Faculty
Shelly O'Dell

Shelly O'Dell

Assistant Head of Middle School, Musical Arts Faculty

Community Partners

Arkansas Philharmonic Youth Orchestra

university of arkansas children's choir

NWA jazz all stars youth ensemble

Single Hero