Campus Preview

Thaden will be located on a 30-acre campus in downtown Bentonville’s emerging Arts and Market District, walking distance from the town square, Brightwater Culinary Institute, the future site of Crystal Bridges’ center for contemporary arts, and a variety of other educational resources. With the support of the Walton Family Foundation’s Design Excellence Program, we have engaged a nationally renowned team of architects to design an enduring and innovative campus that will spark curiosity, inspire creativity, and invite reflection.

As students proceed through the course of the school day, they will move through a variety of buildings, structures, and landscape features that create a robust campus experience. Many classrooms and work areas will open into adjacent outdoor areas, and a variety of porches, pavilions, and breezeways will further extend the open-air feeling of the school. Sustainability will also be a tangible and important part of a Thaden education: we will weave reclaimed materials and structures into the fabric of the school, beginning with the historic home of Louise Thaden, and design the campus in ways that will give students hands-on opportunities to minimize their environmental impact.

Read more about the design intentions and architectural vision for our campus in this "Seeds of Opportunity" blog post by Founding Head of School, Dr. Clayton Marsh.

During our first academic year (2017-18), our campus will consist of modular classrooms and offices, teaching gardens, and athletic fields located on SE Staggerwing Lane. Beginning in 2018, we will move into permanent buildings as they are completed. We expect that all major construction contemplated in the current plan will be complete by 2019.

Our Design and Construction Team

Aegis Property Management (Philadelphia)
Andropogon (Philadelphia/Raleigh, NC)
Eskew+Dumez+Ripple (New Orleans)
Marlon Blackwell Architects (Fayetteville)
Milestone Construction (Springdale)

Bob Kohler (1957 - 2017)

Bob Kohler was an integral part of the Thaden School campus design team. His contributions helped shape the East Campus and are deeply embedded in plans for the West Campus.

Thaden School

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