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  • Clayton Marsh

    Founding Head of School

    Clayton Marsh was named Founding Head of School in January 2016 and leads all aspects of Thaden’s development. He also teaches English.

    A native of Kansas City, Missouri, Dr. Marsh previously served as Deputy Dean of the College at Princeton University, where he held major responsibilities related to the development of academic programs for undergraduate students and led University-wide initiatives to promote innovation in teaching and curriculum design. In addition to his administrative responsibilities, Dr. Marsh also taught in Princeton’s Department of English and its American Studies Program.
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  • Marcus Chang

    Associate Head of School and Director of Campus Life

    As Director of Campus Life, Marcus Chang leads the ongoing development of Thaden’s co-curricular programs, including athletics and the signature programs (wheels, meals, and reels), and oversees all matters related to student life and community engagement. He also teaches health and wellness.
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  • Lisa Herschbach

    Associate Head of School and Director of Finance and Operations

    As Director of Finance and Operations, Lisa Herschbach oversees operations, design and construction, and all budgetary and financial matters, including Thaden’s indexed tuition program and student enrollment. She also teaches history.
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  • José Leonor

    Associate Head of School and Director of Academics

    As Director of Academics, José Leonor leads the ongoing development of Thaden’s curriculum and academic advising programs, and oversees the work of the faculty. He also teaches English, Spanish, and French.
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Board of Directors

Like most independent schools, Thaden is a not-for-profit corporation governed by an independent board of directors in accordance with its articles of incorporation and bylaws. The board currently has four founding members, all of whom reside in Northwest Arkansas, but will grow as the school develops over the next four years.

Thaden School

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