Signature Programs

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.
— Albert Einstein
Thaden students will achieve balance through motion. Our integrative curriculum will not only provide them with a broad foundation in the sciences and the humanities, but also teach them how to move across the disciplines and understand their dynamic connections. In our three signature programs — Wheels, Reels, and Meals — our students will combine multiple fields of study and engage with our community in ways that foster a sense of civic and global responsibility. Each signature program will also have its own maker space where students learn to integrate the movements of their minds and their hands.

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  • Wheels

    Taking advantage of the region’s extensive network of bike paths and trails, Thaden will offer a bicycle program that is integrated into its interdisciplinary science curriculum. For example, the motion and design of a bicycle are loaded with beautiful questions of math and physics. The bicycle also figures prominently in the history, sociology, and economics of transportation and will be used to explore many logistical and urban planning issues arising from the rapid growth of Northwest Arkansas. Thaden students will have the opportunity to make and repair their own bicycles under the guidance of local experts in an innovative cycle lab where the public may also bring in their wheels for service.
  • Reels

    Our Reels program will carry students deep into the region’s extraordinary resources for the study and creation of film, photography, and other forms of visual media. This program will engage not only the humanities and creative arts, but also the scientific, commercial, and cultural forces that set pictures into motion. In particular, Thaden students will learn how to investigate the consumption and production of the flickering images that saturate our world and play upon our minds. Our campus will also include public and private screening spaces for the presentation and discussion of student-made media.
  • Meals

    The presence of the protein industry in Northwest Arkansas and the long history of food production throughout the state provide a rich context for our meals program that will introduce students to the science, economics, politics, sustainability, and culture of the plate. At Thaden, lunch itself will be an essential part of our educational program and a time of productive deceleration: students will be given a full hour to nourish mind, body, and spirit while eating slowly and enjoying the finer dimensions of the meal and each other’s company. And eventually much of that food for thought will be grown on campus and prepared by students in our teaching kitchen so that they can better understand the nature of the food cycle and all that goes into the making of a meal.

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