A Thaden education is challenging and balanced. Our students will graduate with a strong foundation in all disciplines across the humanities and the sciences and with the computational, analytical, and writing skills needed to excel in college. We combine an innovative curriculum and high academic standards with small classes (averaging no more than 15 students) and masterful teachers from all parts of the United States.

Faculty integrate and balance many forms of instruction in our educational programs — traditional seminar-style discussions, hands-on learning in our signature maker spaces, and outdoor and community-engaged projects — that enable students to connect their studies to the region and the world. Designed by a nationally renowned team of architects, our campus will itself be a teacher that sparks curiosity, inspires creativity, and invites reflection.

Outside of their coursework, Thaden students find abundant opportunities to develop as leaders, volunteers, and contributors to the life and spirit of the community, typically under the direction of coaches and instructors who are members of the teaching faculty. Most of all, we hope that Thaden students will take from their education a lifelong passion for learning and inspiration to lead lives of integrity, purpose, and responsible global citizenship.

Thaden School

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