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About Advisory

One of the distinctive promises of a Thaden education is that our students have many opportunities to form close, lasting relationships with their teachers – relationships that give them a stronger sense of belonging, self-confidence, and accountability. To that end, we offer an Advisory program that is designed to ensure that each student has a dedicated faculty mentor to whom the student can turn for guidance and support on all matters – curricular, co- curricular, and social-emotional. Advisors also serve as the principal liaison between the school, our students, and their parent/guardian. 

Above all, Advisory is a smaller community within the larger Thaden community. It provides a warm and welcoming environment where all students can build relationships. In doing so, they also build social-emotional skills through a curriculum that targets skills such as self-awareness, self-management, and responsible decision making.

Additionally, Advisors provide academic guidance by regularly checking in with their advisees about their progress, helping their advisees set personal goals and manage their workload, and prompting their advisees to advocate for themselves in the classroom.

"I really like the community-building aspect of advisory. it has allowed me to connect and interact with new people. I have also really connected with my Advisor. I know I can lean on them for not only this year but also in the years to come. "

AP A.Class of '26